Friday, January 26, 2007

What are they looking for?

Recent Google searches that found this blog:

fast thumbs
- 1/26/07, Beijing
drunk busty
- 1/23/07, North America (AOL)
pin the tail on the donkey
- 1/22/07, Ontatio, Toronto
if this doesn't make you laugh
- 1/21/07, unknown
two and a half men 11-6-06
- 1/20/07, Fairport, New York
- 1/20/07, Australia
chez paul daytona picture
- 1/18/07, Rising Sun, Maryland

How do people find you?

UPDATE (1/28/07): Yesterday, two more pleople found this blog with a Google search for "drunk busty." Interestingly, they were both from non-English-speaking countries. Is there something about this phrase that I just don't get?


john said...

I'm not really sure how people found me. It would be interesting to know. I hope they enjoy reading my blog though. It's been cathartic for me to write it, all these feelings that have been bottled up for so long.
Funny, how some of them have found you!!

Doug said...

People find you peeing? How embarrassing! ;)

somewhere joe said...

Me? Breadcrumbs mostly. I don't think it was through Scaffoldiana.

Lol... drunk busty. Gotta like people who know what they want.

Spider said...

I have had some strange ones... love the new suit, tie and shirt - and the new look here!

Matt said...

Okay, "peeing" made me laugh ...

Snazzy new suit and tie. I did love the green tie, though ...

Not sure how most people find me. Lately, it's "God hates a fag". I'm not proud of that ...

Kendall said...

Were you playing pin the tale on the donkey while peeing?