Sunday, February 04, 2007

Confession is good for the soul.


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I'm amazed. The Google searches that lead to this blog continue.

athletes foot peeing in shower
- 2/4/07, Chula Vista, California
pee shower athletes foot
- 2/2/07, Toronto, Ontario
peeing in the shower helps athlete's foot
- 1/30/07, Thompson, Pennsylvania
does peeing on your feet help athletes foot
- 1/30/07, Hammond, Louisiana
peeing in the shower cure athlete
- 1/27/07, USA (AOL)
- 1/20/07, Australia

Obviously this is a topic that affects many people. Tell me: Do you (regularly) pee in the shower? Do you have/have you ever had athlete's foot?

Personally ... I do; and I don't/haven't.

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UPDATE (Sunday, August 18, 2007): I continue to regularly get visitors to this blog from a Google search about peeing in the shower. So I decided to go to Google and read what others have also said about the topic. Here's a link from "Inside the Minds of Men" that I think is a good read.



Lemuel said...

D'uh, no-o! I'm with you. I though one did that in a toilet or urinal!

To my knowledge never had athlete's foot.

Spider said...

And that is why you don't - there is something in the sterile urine that kills athletes foot... don't ask me how I know this - but I did hear it confirmed by Madonna several years ago on Letterman...

Paul said...

Spider, get serious. You want me to believe that Madonna is a expert? At what?

Kendall said...

Yes I do and no I haven't!

Nice tie btw.

G Cracker said...

I had athlete's foot once. I was seven.

I peed in the shower once. I was nine. The toilet was clogged. I was showering. I really needed to go. The moment has haunted me ever since and I think it will until I confess it to my parents. :P