Thursday, February 15, 2007

There's nothing like getting caught with your pants down.

Thanks to Spider, who led me to Kendall, who just recently linked to Mike, who's linked to The Male Celebrity Picspam. I have no idea how I first met Spider, but I'm glad I know him.


somewhere joe said...

Nothing like it.

(Is there anybody spider doesn't know?)

Doug said...

Go Doogie! LOL

Paul said...

Joe: I don't think so. I just feel blessed that he's introduced me to so many of his friends.

Doug: Doogie's coming out brings new insights to what he'll do. Suit up!

JustJock said...

My, My. Thanks for the morning pick-me-up.

And, Spider is truly amazing, isn't he?

Kendall said...

Doogie can drop "trou" in my house anytime.

Paul said...

ock: I'll pick you up anytime, anywhere.

And Spider IS amazing. Yes, he is. I just hope that I get invited over to the cottage and get to join the bruch bunch sometime.

Kendall: Well said. Will Doogie ever grow up? Let's hope not.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

I knew it. Doogie Howser with his pants down again.
Shame on Doogie.

Lemuel said...

Oh, Doogie, my, how low we've stooped! (But would you consider stooping a bit lower, please? - or at least turn and "face" the camera?)

Migh.ty.fine. that Doogie Boy!

Paul said...

Blue: Again?

Lem: What do you think this is? A piano bar with Doogie taking requests from the audience?

Spider said...

Gee guys - I am blushing... I am the lucky one for having all of you as friends...

And EVERYONE knows they are always invited to the cottage and there is always room at the Sunday Brunch Bunch table for more! No invite needed - just tell us you are coming!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Yes, that was the joke. I doubt there was any other time. ;P

john said...

Nice pics!!

somewhere joe said...

Blue - I think you were on it the first time ,oD

Paul said...

Spider: It's always nice to have you drop in. I guess you could tell that people were talking about you behind your back.

And, on my next trip to Orlando ... count me in.

John Michael: Nice pics yes, but I think they're funny too. Or maybe it's just the situation.

Blue and Joe: I just love it when people use emoticons, but it's not my native language and I -- as usual -- get somewhat lost in the translation. (@_@)

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Big hug.
It's okay.
No more emoticons.
I guess we put the "con" in, emoticon.
You likely know this, but mine was a wink with a tongue sticking out.
I love that one.

Paul said...

Blue: I've been trying to do that all morning -- wink and stick my tongue out at the same time. You know, it's hard to do. I've never been good at winking. Some people are, and make it look so friendly, so casual. I really like that.

(When I try to wink, both eyeslids tend to close.)

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Paul grab some wine and meet me at Joe's. There is spaghetti, music, couches, and oh, lots of winking practice.
We'll get it right!