Friday, June 01, 2007

Road Trips

Last weekend I went to Vermont to spend the weekend with my friend that I recently went on the road trip with. (And yes, we rode around in the white pickup truck with the Texas plates again for a few days.)

Saturday night, his sixteen year old daughter wanted to see Little Miss Sunshine. And while he wasn't very excited about letting her see an "R" rated movie, I convinced him that it was a good story, with socially redeeming value, and that the language was nothing that his daughter doesn't hear regularly in school. I'm not sure he gave in, but we rented it anyway.

Seeing this movie again, I was reminded about the following life lessons:

"Little Miss" pageants are indeed very creepy.
Multi-generational family car trips can be a good thing.
Learning to drive a standard shift transmission is not a good thing when you're frustrated and in a hurry.
Suicidal gay uncles can possibly be the most sane member of the family.
Having an affair with your student and/or teacher is rarely a good thing.
If you're going to dedicate yourself to a vow silence, you need to make sure the cause is real.
Too much of a "good thing" can kill you.
You can just take a certain amount of motivational speakers before they get on your nerves.
It's always OK to eat ice cream.


Matt said...

I LOVE this movie. And the life lessons are perfect.

TWISI said...

LOVED this movie. It should have won Best Picture.


somewhere joe said...

The denouement was a bit contrived, but getting there was a blast.

Gawpo said...

There's that dang denouement word again. Who invented it?

I have not seen the film, Paul. But I am going to take the nine elements along and hold them up against the plot as it unravels. You haven't given it away, either. And I thank you for that. My friend, Juni bought it.

"Hi, Juni. It's me."
"Yeah? What's up?"
"Paul says I have to watch Little Miss Sunshine now."
"Why didn't you say so? You know there are nine things about this film that are lessons you can learn."
"Apparent-LEE. See you in five."

Doug said...

Never saw the movie, though it sounds like I should, cuz the life lessons are right on, ESPECIALLY #9. Yeah, #9, my new favorite number. Good ol' number nine. No gluten in #9. ;)