Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I shut my eyes ...

... in order to see.
- Paul Gauguin

What do you see when you shut your eyes?

* * *
Thinking of Paul Gauguin always reminds me of another "movie that made an impact," Goodbye Columbus. If you know the connection between Gauguin and this book and/or movie, I can tell that you've read the book or seen the movie as many times as I have.

Perhaps I'll write of it sometime.



john said...

If more people would shut their eyes, they would see with their hearts.

tydwbleach said...

I LOVE that movie.

THat is like one of the best movies ever SOO funny. BUt I do not know the connection between that movie and Gauguin.

YOur blog is great. I am going to list your blog and that movie in my silly blog.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Hey, that looks like Cuba!!! Wow.
When I close my eyes, I see a kaleidoscope of purple and red on a black background. I think it is Kundalini energy.
Yup, I am weird.
(I'll describe it as being on a rollercoaster. But without the dizziness.)

somewhere joe said...

I like movie and literary trivia, but this one has me stumped. Tell us oh cravatted one!

What I usually see when I close my eyes is a negative image of what I've just been looking at. Once in a while an image will appear, not just a general watercolor sense of a memory, but a sort of characature, sometimes erotic in content, that I can contemplate as if it were floating in space.

tydwbleach said...

Ok I've got it:

Paul Gauguin went to Ohio State?

Gosh this is a mystery! I emailed you about the the initials of your blog stand for.

Doesn't matter, though, because your blog is so great and thought provoking!!!

JOE*to*HELL said...

i see stars and flying pork chops

Cooper said...

I love Gauguin colours.

When I close my eyes I see my inner life floating before me ... lustful, beautiful, sorrowful ...