Sunday, October 14, 2007

I get so intolerant of intolerance,

so unempathetic for those with no empathy,
so closed-minded towards close-mindedness,
and so righteously indignant
about all the righteous indignation.

- Shellen Lubin

Me too.

Saturday morning I was riding my bike* past the local Planned Parenthood office. There was group out front carrying signs protesting abortion. A car pulled into the parking lot with two young women in it. One of the protesters started blaring through an electronic megaphone. "Don't go in there." "Don't sign anything." "Don't kill your baby."

I couldn't help but feel some compassion for the occupants in the car. First I had no idea what the nature of their visit was. Beyond that, I believe it wasn't right for the protesters to get involved in such a private decision.

Personally, I don't believe that abortion is the problem; irresponsible sex is. I wanted to go over and ask the protesters if they were virgins when they got married (assuming that they were actually married).

Of course, I didn't.

- - - -
*Update on my bike situation: The guy that runs the bicycle ministry heard that my bike had been stolen (of course he had, I'm on the board). On Wednesday he presented me with a "new" reconditioned bike. I'm very grateful.


Lemuel said...

That was a nice "update" on the bike.

My problem also with the protesters is how they stand on such issues as children's health care. Many of them are opposed to that, too, which I find the height of hypocrisy and irresponsibility.

You are right, however, the "issue" needs to be addressed long before we get to the clinic stage.

On another note, sitting here typing and thoroughly enjoying "Simple Gifts"! One of my all time favorites!!

somewhere joe said...

Congrats on the new reconditioned bike, Paul. It may turn out to be your favorite bike of all.

I don't favor outlawing most abortion, and do think protestors can go too far, although I believe the first amendment protects them. Still, I'd try hard to dissuade any woman close to me from aborting her baby... this presumes that anyone of mine would of course have a superior child ,o)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

What irks me about protesters is, they stand with six foot square placards at the side of the road that show full colour photographs.
I then must explain to my seven year old in the backseat of the car as we drive past them, in a way that doesn't scare the life out of her, what it is when she asks.
I don't want my daughter to know these things yet, they aren't her concern.
When I was twelve a "Christian" family we knew showed me a video tape after school one day of why not to abort. It was graphic, sad, terrifying. My mother flipped her lid. Naturally.
I think there is a better way to reach people. There has to be. Because the message is a positive one. Offer solutions, not scare tactics.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

OH, sorry Paul.
The bike, so glad you have another one now. Go green power!

Cooper said...

I am so happy about the new bike! I think this one will come to mean even more to you given as it was in caring and compassion.

I agree with Lemuel ... how many of those card carrying judgmental people also agreed with Bush's veto on child health care? I hate bullying in any form ... and that is what those kinds of protestors do ... righteous bullying. I will be honest here and admit that I find abortion to be a terribly sad, mournful, but sometimes necessary event. Still, though, as a man it is not for me to choose or decide. There is still much wrong with the way men in general treat women, I think.

Paul said...

Lem: I believe abortion propaganda without teaching about responsible sex is somewhat kin to military training without a discussion of foreign policy.

Glad you like the music. Copeland is already a classic, in my book.

s. Joe: The “new” bike is definitely used. It should not attract attention at a bike rack. Plus I bought a really BIG lock on Saturday.

I’m not a serious bike rider, but I really appreciate the point of view it gives me when riding around the neighborhood.

Gillian: That’s a smart idea, let’s show all twelve year-olds graphic videos about abortion, before they even make it through puberty! (irony intended)

Cooper: “righteous bullying” … I think it should be “unrighteous bullying.”

TWISI said...

I always want to ask the "pro-life" people if they will take care of the baby when it is born.

these right wingers LOVE the fetus, but don't have a lot of use for it once it is born.


CJ said...

Good luck with the new wheels.

Enjoying the music. What a pleasant surprise.

Paul said...

TWISI: Let's go see the protesters together. I'll ask my questions right after you ask yours.

CJ: Thanks. I find many of your posts a pleasant surprise, too.

Matt said...

Fantastic post - as usual, Paul. I don't necessary agree with abortion in general, but I would never presume to know everything about every situation, and will fight to the death for a woman's right to have one.

Congratulations on the new bike. Not "new", but heartfelt and I'm sure very meaningful to you.

Also LOVE the music. You know I love Copland. Have you ever heard the Clarinet Concerto? I also love "Fanfare for a Common Cold". Oh, wait - that's PDQ Bach ...

Steven said...

Great to hear the news on the bike. Let's not forget the protestors many of us run into every June. That's when it gets personal. Trying to ignore it is hard.

Doug said...

Funny how pro-lifers are against sex education and condom use. No common sense or rationality.

Congrats on the replacement wheels!