Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I got some new underwear yesterday.

Well, it was new to me.

(Honestly folks, this is a joke. I just realized that it's been a long time since I posted something about men and their underwear.)



Doug said...

Do you know the previous owner?

TWISI said...

next time.... someone in them please!

Cooper said...

This reminds that I am yet to write a post about men and underwear. How neglectful of me!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Uh oh! Is that a requirement in gay blog land, writing about men and their underwear I mean? I will have to think about that one. ; )


CondoBlogger said...

You and I "bonded" over one of you previous underwear posts... I believe it was over an admission regarding our undergarment color preferences.

I could make another admission regarding this post... but it's really not one for comment land. Suffice it to say I would not have needed a stock photo if this were my post! :)

Paul said...

I just hate it. This topic calls for so many "off-blog" conversations.

Doug: What do you mean? Like, did I know his name?

TWISI: Ask and you shall receive. Check your email.

Cooper and Steven: I always look forward to your writings.

CondoBlogger: I think you just admitted it. I'll expect details by email.

cindra said...

I like you. I didn't expect that. Good one.

There's still time to make up some torrid affair story about how the underwear became yours.

We can't just sit back and laugh at a joke, can we? We want more. More more.

Great little giggle you encouraged from me.

cindra said...

OMG. I just reread that. I didn't NOT expect to like you. I mean, I didn't expect that silly men and underwear joke thingy. Sheesh.

Paul said...

cindra: I rather liked your first comment. It made me think that "I grow on people."

T$ said...

were these an accidental leave-behind? a sort-of sensory reminder/trophy? I'm with cindra, I'd like a story to go with the U-trou.