Monday, October 29, 2007

We do not determine our purpose,

we detect it.

-Vikto Frankl

* * * *

I’ve always liked Memphis and the song Walking in Memphis. Many years ago I worked for advertising agency and we shot a commercial on Beale Street. I remember it was a rainy night. We shot the commercial between 3:00 and 5:00 AM. Other than a bum or two, there wasn't anyone on the street but us.

It was a great trip. While we were in town we also got to tour Graceland and St Jude Children’s Memorial Hospital. We stayed at the Peabody and ate ribs at the Rendezvous.

In one song, Walking in Memphis brings back all the memories. I’ve even got a CD that I often play in the car that has noting but this song on it by different artists – Marc Cohn, Cher, Soul Kitchen, Brian Mattson, Lonestar, The Union, Sixboro, Linda Kosut, John Tesh, Paul Anka, Eddie Harrison, Cirrus, Steve Acho, even The Bison Chips.

There’s something about the tune that gets me tapping my foot and singing along. And then there is my favorite line, “Tell me, are you a Christian, child?" And I say, "Man, I am tonight.”

We do not determine our purpose, we detect it.




Lemuel said...

Boy, I have not read Frankl in forever!

TWISI said...

Great song.... it is on my Ipod.

CondoBlogger said...

That's my favorite line too, but I think I have been singing it wrong... I thought he was being all polite and southern and said "MA'AM I am tonight!"

Either way, outstanding song!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I forgot about that's pretty good. It is a song you listen to on a sunny afternoon while eating chicken wings and drinking beer, with a friend or two.
A chillin, relaxin kind of song!

Cooper said...

That's great song line. I also like Do I really feel the way I feel? Such a nice ambiance listening to this on an earned OT day off, sipping my coffee, sun streaming through the window.

Steven said...

I like the song, too. I like songs like this that are actually more like a storyline than just repeated "choruses." I can't think of another song that has that many artists sing versions of it.

john said...

That is without a doubt one of my favorite songs. I didn't know all those different artists did versions of it. I have only heard the one by Marc Cohen and I have the one by Lonestar on my iPod. I'm going to have to look up the others.

Cindra said...

Great song. And ooooh, you have some great memories. Thanks for sharing. My kids got me that album about three years ago and the whole fam loves that song...but who doesn't?