Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving '07

We decided that we did not want
to over-eat on Thanksgiving.
So we each picked one menu item,
and then went to a movie.

Carol Fay's Biscuit and Cornbread Stuffing
The Loveless Cafe, Nashville, TN

Silky Pumpkin Pie
Pam Anderson, Cook Smart

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
"No one was supposed to get hurt."
Disturbing. Very Disturbing.
Not a single character is even remotely likable.

(You can click on the photos for more information.)



Geoff said...'re right. Very disturbing. PSH is fantastic though....and it's good to see Marrisa Tomei (sp?) in something big budget again lol.

Steven said...

That silky pie recipe looks simple, yet delish. I myself held back on all the cheese, dips, crackers and peanuts and saved room for din din. Plenty of tryptophan afterwards. :-)

Dan said...

Maybe if those characters had some of that pumpkin pie they'd become more likeable?

Doug said...

Great idea! And you picked two decadently delicious dishes. Hope you had a great turkey day! *hugs*

somewhere joe said...

A Thanksgiving after my own heart...

Sorted Lives said...

Glad to see you had a great day.

TWISI said...

the pie.... YUM!

Gawpo said...

I'm with Dan on this one.

And I knew Joe would say something like that. His post said it all. Here is a nice echo to that sentiment.