Monday, January 21, 2008

A slap in the face.

It was a comment I can’t even trace. The links go nowhere.

It was something said by someone I don’t know. A faceless name in blogland. SiteMeter left no clues.

Saturday evening, Mark, a frequent visitor recently, left a comment in response to my post titled "Sport-Sex and Disco Dancing."

In this post I was – once again – fantasizing about the past.

Mark simply asked, “What is expanding your horizons currently?”

I don’t know if Mark was being glib, or astute. But Mark’s curt question was something that I needed to hear. It was absolutely the right question to ask. The answer is somewhere between nothing and not much.

I believe that as soon as we stop having a desire to learn new things, and to have new experiences, we stop living and start dying.

This is the week.

* * *

“He had fun everyday
of his life.”

- Suzanne Pleshette,
commenting about
her husband Tom Poston.

(Mark, if you read this, please email me.)


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