Monday, May 05, 2008

Don't We All?


I just wish that I could fast-forward through my life and see that everything ends up OK.
- Susan Mayer
Desperate Housewives, May 4, 2008


Lemuel said...

I want to "<<" rewind and then ">" play again with option to correct.

Butch said...

I agree with Lemuel!

Anonymous said...

I like Lemuel's suggestion. I'd be heartbroken to see what I would be going through, particularly if it's bad.

TWISI said...

I'm with Lemuel as well.

Doug said...

Lemuel for President.

Paul said...

Folks, Lemuel is a nice guy, but no "do-overs."

Lemuel said...

But, Paul, I want to claim the comments from FL and MI!

And we've not heard from the Super-commenters!

And I've not read anywhere that it says that a commenter has to be committed to his comment once he comments.

[oh I am SO bad!]

somewhere joe said...

Is there a pause button?