Friday, August 15, 2008

I remember when Calvin Klein ads were risqué.


This billboard is for Joe's Jeans.
I think he apparently lost them.

He must have lost his underwear, too.

Of course I went to the website. I wanted to see what the pretty lady was looking at. Apparently they don't sell underwear. But you can buy a t-shirt for $58. And even living in the boonies like I do, I found out that there's a store that sells Joe's Jeans less than six blocks from where I live. Lucky me.

Now I hear that Joe's Jeans are big at Macy's. However I don't know if you can see Joe's ass there.



Lemuel said...

Wanna bet it's selling jeans though?

Matt said...

I don't see any jeans ...

Are you sure that's what they're selling?

somewhere joe said...

I don't remember signing a release for that shot...

Butch said...

So that's what they're selling...I was sure it was sex.(afterthought-nice buns)

Joe: are you sure those are yours? They do look a bit like that picture you had on your blog showing your "tan-line" come to think of it. ;-)

john said...

I wonder how many people buy those jeans.

TWISI said...

with an ass like that he can sell most anything he wants

Matt said...

Somewhere Joe - I KNEW I'd seen that somewhere before.

Gillian said...

Joe's Jeans are awesome. I have been trying to order Honey's for sometime, but they are the most popular Joe's style.

Not meant to bee.

Play on words there.
Enjoy your road trip Pauly. Stay safe.

The Hunky Gardener said...

Apparently the advertising has worked. I mean, we are talking about Joe's jeans aren't we? If that's Joe, I prefer him without jeans.