Sunday, February 04, 2007

A large bowl of apples ...

... sat at the beginning of the cafeteria line in the Catholic grade school. Next to it was a sign:
Take only one apple. God is watching.

At the end of the line was a tray of chocolate chip cookies. Next to it one of the students had placed a sign that said:

Take all the cookies you want.
God is watching the apples.

(And some people wonder where Catholic guilt originates!)



Lemuel said...

Where do you find these? LOL!

somewhere joe said...

LOL Been there. Catholic schools may try to foster guilt, but they usually end up turning out bright and iconoclastic students along the way.

john said...

Oh, the guilt which we still carry to this day!!

Matt said...

Well, as long as you CONFESS later ... :)

And I see you've changed your clothes again. Good boy. ;)

Doug said...

LOL I love the approach: keep God's attention elsewhere while you do what you want.