Sunday, July 15, 2007

Is there something that I don't know?

In the last week, eight people have found TO&TFTBG through Google, all based on roughly the same search. Would someone please explain to me why the following is so popular right now.

you laugh at me cause im different i laugh at you cause your all the same

laugh me different laugh you same

you laugh because

you laugh because i’m

you laugh because i’m different i laugh because your all the same

you laugh because i’m different, farted

you laugh because i am different, i laugh because you are all the same

you laugh me because im different, i laugh you because you’re the same

I'm not sure what they were really looking for, but this is what they found.



Lewis said...

It is amazing what the Google search engine brings up with regards to one's blog....I've had some real doozies....not the least of which is something related to a spatula and a vibrator.

TWISI said...

For some reason I am saddened by that.


Gawpo said...

And I am with Twisi. As usual. Until about a month ago, when I Googled "Gawpo" (which is what I do because it's always quickest to get to my page from a computer where it isn't save in the favorites. I mean, come on, you try typing and you will know why I like to save myself some time....uh-oh...that was stupid, wasn't it? Dang.) there is some "Gawpo move" that has something to do with Phillipine culture. I haven't clicked on it, but it's sad not to see just a bunch of blog related entries.

Now I'm wondering what Gawpo means in Tag-along (or whatever that language is).

But now that you mention it, Paul, I've been meaning to tell you that you do laugh at me cause im different i laugh at you cause your all the same; you laugh because i'm different, farted.

Eric said...

I just get tons of searches for Becca Mann nude photos that point to my blog. Of course, I've encouraged it by mentioning her name a lot.

john said...

I have no idea what brings people to my blog. Mine must be boring cause not that many people visit.

minijonb said...

no idea. people find my blog looking for the lyrics to a song by Blur...