Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I wish farts were brightly colored instead of clear.

Then inconsiderate people would think twice before cuddling one out in the elevator or while in line at the bank.
- Lightning Bug's Butt
(I always find this guy a hoot.)

(PS. I think the guy in the rose-colored shirt is guilty.)



TWISI said...

Ok, I have to be honest.

Last week I was going up an escalator and this woman got right in my personal space on my ass. I had Mexican for lunch, so I admit it, I squeezed one out for her.

Teach her to get up in my area without being invited!

Cooper said...

I saw an interview with Emma Thompson in which she said that she was upset about a scene cut from Love Actually where she is in the principal's office with her movie son. She has been called in about the kid's "naughty behavior". It was according to her, one of the best lines in the movie. "What are you thinking?", the boy is asked by the principal. "I'm wishing that I could see everyone's farts like a colour", he replies. The scene didn't make the cut ... and your post just now reminded me of that interview. :)

john said...

Gotta hate when that happens.

Derek said...

Yep he looks guilty, thanks for bringing a smile to my night

somewhere joe said...

Sorta like an "aura" Would there be different colors?

Cooper: "The scene didn't make the cut..." LOL