Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been reclassified.

According to Google, I'm no longer a source for all things relative to "peeing in the shower" or "laughing because you're different." During the last few days, my visitors have dropped by looking for other things. But I swear, if they can find what they're looking for on this blog, they're a better sleuth than Sherlock.

(Google Search / Origin of Search)

tighty whites
- Jacksonville, AR
length of your life
- Seattle, WA
my first jockstrap
- Newton Abbot, UK
quotes about fucking life
- Silver Spring, MD
- Plano, TX
yoetube (sic)
- Burdur, Turkey
aussiebum size chart
- Unknown
jockey recut
- Birmingham, UK
ali mcgraw growing a penis
- Columbus, OH
wallpaper i shut my eyes
- Bangalore, India
jockey y-front
- Greenwood, IN



john said...

It's so funny what google will find whenever you enter some word into their search engines.

Anissa said...

Ali McGraw... Ha!

Love those google searches. :)

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Yeah, if I were you, I'd deny having written that post about Ali McGraw growing a penis, too. Definitely not your finest hour.

somewhere joe said...

How did I miss the aussiebum size chart? :0(

Lemuel said...

I know it is by searching for phrases like these each day that I find you. :)