Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

Six years ago today I was sitting in Dallas Love Field when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were hit by hijacked planes. It was a weird place to be. For about an hour after the first tower fell, the airport turned off all the televisions in the waiting lounges. There was an enormous amount of confusion. Not only were all departing flights cancelled, but numerous planes quickly began making unscheduled landings, letting passengers off -- without gates -- that were clueless why they were landing in Dallas.

I only knew something terrible was wrong. Luckily, I was able to rent a car and I drove home.



TWISI said...

Of all the airports to be in... talk about historic tragedies colliding.

I was working form home on that day, I obviously got nothing done.

Lemuel said...

At work. The IT person who sat across the aisle from me, just happened to be monitoring CNN website at the time.

Chris said...

"monitoring CNN website at the time"

I remember trying to get on the CNN website, or well any other news website after the first plane hit and I happened to catch a glimpse on TV. You couldn't get on any news website for most of the day after it happened. Traffic load was so heavy many national news websites actually crashed.

Anissa said...

It's hard to believe it was six years ago. I remember it so clearly.

Matt said...

I got off the bus downtown and walked by the Federal Building ... which was surrounded by security guards and police. I got to work, and Scott called me and told me what had happened (we're three hours behind NYC). The rest of the day everyone spent in shock, watching the television the company had set up in the common areas. I remember going home and how silent it was without planes landing over our house.

Holly said...

I have a friend who was on a plane from Boston to Orlando, and they did an unscheduled landing in Atlanta and my friend had to drive the rest of the way home. My friend had the same kind of airport experience, though - no one knew what was going on. Lots of confusion, especially since no one told them why their plane had landed.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I too remember exactly where I was.
Watching CNN when the second plane hit, live.
No words.
Crying for three days.
Wondering why I chose to bring children into this godforsaken world.

Gawpo said...

I had just awakened with my then girlfriend who owned a beauty shop. Her early appointment said, "Have you heard the news?" It all went downhill from there. I was almost finished with my private pilot training and about to schedule my check ride with an FAA approved examiner. But that had to wait. I am still angry about the loss of life. The horrible loss of life. To this day, I just don't get how little babies can be born of a woman, only to grow up and take the lives of their fellow human beings. I don't get that. At all.

I remember exactly where I was.

And I know exactly where I am on that.