Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You only get one pair.

I only have to mention underwear in a post and my inbox starts buzzing. First there was my post about getting caught with your pants down. That post received the most comments I'd ever gotten. Pictures of Doogie in his blue boxers were followed by my longest post -- discussing Arnie Bautista's $350-a-season underwear expenditures, my own underwear "collection" (not that I really collect 'em, but I do have a drawer full) and boxer briefs from KnuttSak®. I still get regular visitors to my blog making Google searches for KnuttSak, including three new visitors yesterday. Usually they're from someplace like Las Vegas, Nevada, or Fremont, California; cities that surely aren't lacking in underwear choices.

Last week I wrote that it was time to put away your tighty-whities, seeing that it is after Labor Day after all.

The next day I got an email from a friend -- knowing that I'm a fan of aussieBum -- asking if I had heard about the new Jockey® Recut Y-Front® briefs marketed in Australia. Of course, I hadn't, so I went looking for more information.

Here's what I found:

(Watch the video. It's less than a minute long.)

I think this is clearly the most cleaver advertising I've ever seen from Jockey. Normally I think their advertising is as dull as their tighty-whities.

Tell me, didn't this make you smile? Grin? Or even laugh out loud?

What about those meatballs sizzling on the grill?

* * *

My search for info about Jockey® Recut Y-Front® briefs also led me another very interesting -- yet puzzling -- bit of marketing from Jockey. But I'll have to write about it another time.



Lemuel said...

So now I've got to go search to see what this wonder-bra for men looks like. Clever ad.

TWISI said...

Your hits just exploded!

Cooper said...

I love this! Very clever. The two tomatoes being blended made me cringe a little, though.

Joanne (That Blue Girl) said...

That is fantastic! Why haven't I seen this on tv yet? *snicker* Now I have to go back and read your other underwear stories. ;-)

CondoBlogger said...

I was doing my daily google of underwear and there you were!

I actually think that one of the very first posts I ever commented on in your blog was re: underwear.

Great jockey spot... I thought for sure it was going to be something from Australia or Germany... cool stuff like that doesn't seem to get to American TV

Anissa said...

Fantastic ad! I'm still laughing. :)