Tuesday, October 02, 2007



I love t-shirts with advertising, catchy sayings, and graphic designs. But where would you wear this? Really.


TWISI said...

well, I wear mine around the house, when I am alone and feel like looking in the mirror for a while.

somewhere joe said...

On a date with a dyslexic?

Brent said...

LOL. Have you seen this? Where do you think she got it?

Lemuel said...

It makes perfect sense to anyone who speaks Hebrew or Arabic.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Presumably you wear that if you're in an SNL skit.

Or to a party, if you have a famous and highly developed sense of irony.

Cooper said...

I can't see the pic ... all I get is that little red x. Please e-mail the link ... pretty please.

Cooper said...

(Thanks, Paul)

Oh, the irony.

Won't someone think of the humility-challenged?