Wednesday, October 03, 2007



Last week I got a new bike. Not a real expensive bike, but a very nice one none-the-less. And I bought a new lock.

As some of you may know, I work – as a volunteer – at a soup kitchen. In addition to providing meals for the hungry and homeless, on Wednesdays we run a bicycle ministry, where we give away reconditioned bikes to those needing transportation as well as repair broken bikes.

Today I decided to ride my bike to work. I parked my bike along with the thirty or forty others outside in the bike racks.

As I was inside the center, someone cut my cable and stole my bike. I’m pissed.

And I feel violated. Knowing that someone that I probably know personally, someone that I help feed, and someone that could have gotten a bike for free stole my new bike.




Doug said...

It doesn't matter who did it. You've been betrayed.

I'm sorry this happened to you. Please try to not lose faith.

Paul said...

Doug: Thanks for your compassion. Right now, I have little faith. I'm guessing that someone stole it because they figured they could sell it for drug money.

Lemuel said...

That stinks. The thing I think we need to hold onto in such circumstances is the thought that this was one jerk among many who appreciate the help and would not do it. It's tough holding onto that thought and continuing to help others, but I hope you will try.

Cooper said...

I'm sorry this happened to you, Paul. *hugs*

Paul said...

Lemuel and Cooper: I thank you two, too, for your kind words. Lem, you are so right, I've got to remember that most of our "soup kitchen clients" are always extremely grateful for anything we give them.

somewhere joe said...

You must be God's friend. I say that without a trace of irony.


Paul said...

Joe: I'll try to remember that I'm not alone as I'm back to walking to "work." Thanks.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I agree with all above.
But man that sucks. You know the old WWJD saying right.
He'd say turn the other cheek.
I say, hunt the bastard down and kick him in the nuts.

Matt said...

Crap. I'm sorry, Paul.

Whatever the reason behind it, know that you're still doing a noble thing and that the majority of the people you're helping appreciate it and wouldn't do that.

You must feel a bit like Pee Wee Herman.

Paul said...

Gillian: I've never been afraid of our "clients." Maybe I should be. Kicking a guy in the nuts is like kicking a sleeping dog -- dangerous. But I'll think about it.

Matt: Thanks. It's been awhile since I've seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I do remember that he learned there isn't a basement in the Alamo, but did he ever find his bike?

tydwbleach said...

That is SUCH a Bummer!!!!!! THat just sucks. ARRRRGH That makes me MAD!!!!!! Can we take up a collection to get you a new one??! OR maybe get like a crappy one to ride over there like from Craig's list, and then ride your new one only where it will not get stolen. It stinks that you have to do this, though.

I am sorry about that.

Paul said...

tydwbleach: I appreciate you sharing in my misery. I've already started checking Craig's List, hoping that someone is stupid enough to list my bike "for sale."

Lacey said...

Hey guys...I say we organize!!! Let's all donate to buy Paul a new bike. "bucks for bikes" we could call it. We could do it thru paypal. Wadayasay?

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

I believe this is the universe's way of telling you to take up roller blading. Then you could serve the homeless -- on wheels!

I'm sorry about the theft, though. It really does suck.

Paul said...

Lacey: Maybe I could get you to help organize a group to roam the streets on "bike patrol." Which part of town do you want?

TNWHear: Rollerblades! That's a whole new approach for Meals On Wheels.

Nevertheless, you're right, "It really does suck."

TWISI said...

Everyone else was very kind in their comments, my comment...

I'm pissed too!

Paul said...

TWISI: Good! I've got company.