Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lesson learned.

I clearly remember the feeling I had when I parked my bike outside the center last Wednesday morning. Looking around at all the other bikes, mine was the newest. And likely, the most expensive. It was shiny and bright. The tires had full tread. I felt like my bike was better than all the rest. In turn, it was like I was better – more deserving – than any of the other bike owners.

How foolish! It was a false sense of pride. Unwarranted, and inexcusable.



Doug said...

You're reading too much into it. You aren't being punished for your sins. It just happened. Things like that happen. Shit happens. Bush happens. See?

When you buy another bike, you could take a brillo pad and scour off all the paint, tarnish the seat leather, dunk it in salt water to rust all the parts, and then no one will want to take your bike. Then again, you won't want it either at that point. So don't do any of that.

Ps said...

The feeling you had about your bike--a bit like one's youth,don't you think?

Ps said...

When i wrote tha comment I hadn't read the previous posts--i just did.A real shame about the bike.You have every right to be angry.

somewhere joe said...

Paul, your insight is pure gold, a gift, to be treasured forever. Store it away in your soul and guard it with your heart. You are loved.

Sorted Lives said...

Only a person with insight and wisdom would notice this!

Paul said...

Doug: Thanks for your comment. I know that crap happens and that I wasn't being punished. What I was trying to say is that I'm foolish to think that I'm any better, or more deserving, than the hungry and homeless. My only mistake related to the theft is that I bought a cheap lock; instead of a $10 lock, I should have purchased a $50 lock.

Ps: Yes, I was angry. But I'm over it.

S. Joe: It's your insights that I always appreciate hearing. We learn from others. Who am I? We're all born naked. And we all die.

Sorted: I think it takes a slap in the face occasionally to remind us to respect others.

Folks: We're going to move on from this bike story ... we really are. Quickly. I want to find something to laugh about.


TWISI said...

Paul, you have every right to be angry and should not feel guilty for working hard to get what you deserve. It isn't about inexcusable pride, you have EVERY RIGHT to be proud, what was wrong in this situation was the a-hole who stole it!

Lemuel said...

I understand the truth that you are trying to convey. I think once understood we take that truth into our lives and move on. It is not to say that you should not have a nice bike nor that you are not thoughtful and generous with those who have less than you. You should and you are.

For me that saddest thing about your realization that those who have much property and power and who literally live on a pubic dole for both salary and benefits cannot see Lazarus - or more particularly Lazarus' children - at their door.

Cooper said...

Paul, it says something about the man you are that you have reached the conclusion you have. I stand in awe.

Matt said...

Whether your bike was the shiniest and newest doesn't matter. But I know you know that.

Maybe there's a reason that it was your bike that was stolen. Maybe not. Either way, I'm sorry, but the best thing is what it's been making you think about.

I still hope you get a new, shiny bike soon. You deserve it, hands down.

Paul said...

TWISI, Lemuel, Cooper, Matt: What matters is (and the point that the bike incident forced me to remember): I believe that it's just not right of me to think that I'm a better person that those I serve. I should not judge others. Particularly based on what someone does, or doesn't, own.

Hey, all, have a great week!

tydwbleach said...

NOT UNWRRANTED!!!!!! Yous SHOULD be able to be proud of the things you buy and pay for... They are part of the rewards of your work. SO I mean do not let this make you bitter. IT STINKS and you might have to get a BEATER bike. BUT if you let this crime change you forever? THey have WON Iknow that sounds stupid and contrived but it is TRUE!