Friday, October 05, 2007


Friendship is born at that moment
when one person says to another:
"What! You, too?
Thought I was the only one."

- C.S. Lewis

I’ve got to get the image out of my head of some frickin’ homeless dude riding around on my bike. Or some dealer accepting my bike as payment for crack. I'm hoping this sunset does the trick.

Maybe I'll see mystery man in church again this Sunday.




Cooper said...

That sunset will help lessen the sting. I hope Mystery Man will too. Isn't that particular brand of anticipation a lovely, hopeful thing?

Lemuel said...

I wish I could recommend a socially acceptable outlet for your rage. Sometimes we just need to get it out of our system and then it passes.

I know. Are the Rangers or Islanders playing this weekend?


(I hope the sunset and MM do the trick.)

TWISI said...

Love the quote, love the pic and love you.... don't let the bad guys win!

somewhere joe said...

I'm holding your hand through this. No words. Just holding your hand.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I am sorry your bike is unhappy supporting the rear end of some homeless man. Maybe the bike had a higher calling?
You are right about the sunset, it has many tricks. Very healing image.
As for your mystery man, he must be a good one if he is at church. Best place to meet a guy, besides the library. I hope you two can enjoy a post church cup of tea together, why not ask him? Tea is noncommittal and harmless enough.